In my time on the Rutland City Board of Aldermen, I was continually impressed by the hard work and thorough approach of my colleague, Melinda Humphrey. Melinda is very active in our community. Among other things, she coaches youth hockey and is a founding member of the Rutland Young Professionals. I remain grateful that, even with this busy schedule, she chooses to continue to serve on the Board of Aldermen — and continues to devote the necessary time and attention needed to do the job right.

Any group sees a benefit from the addition of new members — and Rutland will have at least one new alderman after the election by adding whomever fills my former seat — but for the Board of Aldermen to function effectively, we need experienced members in the ranks who already understand the process. We are best served when the mix includes experienced aldermen who have already examined the issues challenging Rutland and have devoted hours to moving Rutland forward. Melinda has served as chairman of the Board of Aldermen’s Finance Committee, Recreation Committee, Charter & Ordinance Committee and Community and Economic Development Committee. She has a wealth of knowledge on the issues our aldermen need to work on to make Rutland an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Melinda’s previous terms as an alderman have done nothing to lessen her enthusiasm for the job. I am confident that if re-elected, she will be a knowledgeable, tireless champion for Rutland City. This is why I will be voting for her on March 5 and I strongly encourage all Rutland city voters to do the same.

William Notte

Vermont State Representative for Rutland City

and former six-term Rutland City Alderman


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