Poultney will vote July 9 on rezoning our village industrial zone to accommodate Dollar General, per Article 2 on the ballot. Advanced by developer Leonard Knappmiller, the article would remove all zoning review for his DG.

What do we get if this passes? A chain store that's been penalized repeatedly by Vermont authorities — most recently $1.75 million for what the attorney general's office called “particularly egregious” false advertising — charging prices at the checkout above those advertised on the shelves.

We get a threat to our full-service grocery and hardware store. We get a deluge of Chinese goods that could have been made in the USA. We get a chain that hires salaried managers who are paid for 40 hours but are often made to work many more, pushing their per-hour pay below minimum wage. We get three ounces of tuna fish labeled as five.

Search for “dollar general lawsuit settlement” or “dollar general fined” online. You'll find plenty more about DG's abuses.

What we don't get if Article 2 passes is tax relief. The DG will not increase the assessment and tax on Mr. Knappmiller's property, but it will reduce the value of nearby residences. What would a DG moving in next door do for your home's value?

And the decent jobs that industry brings? A Poultney resident invited Mr. Knappmiller to contact her about putting a food-processing venture on his property. He's never answered her email. But he has pointed a high-powered floodlight into the windows of a Church Street home whose residents happen to oppose the DG. And, finger pointed in our town manager's face, he's said, “You need to get on the right side,” as if he, a Rutland resident, were the king of Poultney giving orders.

Vote NO on Article Two!

Marcia Angermann

Devin Balcacer

Krista Brayton

Pamela Burlingame

Chuck Colvin

Mark Dailey

Eleanor Dailey

Emma Dailley

Henry Dailey

Luke Dailey

Geraldine Dankowski

Janice Edwards

Craig Fahan

Wendy Fahan

Andrea Finerty

Kerry O. Furlani

Serena Gallagher

Nick Gutirrez

C.B. Hall

Mona Hall

Oliver Hall

Russ Hoffman

Seti Hoffman

Gertrude Horridge

William Horridge

Ric Jahna

Ida Mae Johnson

James Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Geoffrey Kleis

Muranda Kleis

Linda Knowlton

Dan Kowalski

Samantha Kowalski

Patricia McWilliams

David Mook

Emily Mulder

Kerri Munro

Khanti Munro

Candice Passehl

Melanie Potter

Gregory Povey

Rachel Pusateri

Robert Rico

Julia Riell

Kristen Ross

Arthur H. Sabin

Bethany Sady

Steven Sady

Lynn Sanborn

Dawn Sarli

Emily Sinnott

Ina Smith

Susan Sutheimer

Thomas Sykes

Jonathan Taylor

Eleanor Tison

Gail Vreeland

Neal Vreeland


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