U.S. politics and elections just keep getting dumber and dumber.

My wife and I were staying in a motel back in January and watching television.

One of the big networks was running a "Countdown to 2020" Presidential election coverage segment.

I thought to myself: "Countdown to 2020!? The election isn't for another gazillion months!"

The election cycle has gotten beyond ridiculous in this country.

Billions of dollars are spent and utterly wasted during a seemingly never-ending campaigning cycle. A societal distraction. What an incredible waste.

Imagine the good that all this campaign money could actually do for the world? Imagine the progress in cancer research, eliminating homelessness, improving education, or an infinite number of other more worthwhile causes this money could be utilized for, instead of annoying commercials, network news drivel and printing innumerable lawn signs every year.

The presidential election campaign should be limited to no more than 90 days from start to finish under law. If you can't make up your mind in 90 days, don't vote. Elections in this country waste endless resources that could actually go to helping humanity instead of getting dumber and longer every cycle.

Spencer Crispe


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