Every day, I come across plastic products that proudly state they are made from recycled or “post-consumer” plastics, and will often print a cute little symbol saying “Please recycle.” The truth is that it is extremely difficult to recycle plastic products, and it is much easier and cheaper to produce new plastic. With the recent impact of the coronavirus pandemic, single-use plastics — often the hardest type to recycle — are becoming more common than ever before.

I’m so glad to see our local grocery stores have begun to feature more products that are packaged more sustainably, but I can’t help but think of the massive amounts of plastic that a large retailer like Walmart produces every year. Surely, there is something we can do to prevent these major corporations from littering our community with plastic waste?

While we can take steps to prevent the use of plastics in our personal lives, it is even more important that we do something to stop these massive corporations from producing so much plastics in the first place. Whether it’s supporting brands who are making efforts to eliminate packaging, or to contact our representatives and voice our concerns, we need to eliminate plastic waste before it is even produced.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jason Tran


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