The disconnect of this White House with the duties to protect and defend the Constitution is acutely apparent. The lack of legislation to ensure protection from further foreign government interference in our democracy is appalling. The rule of law has been challenged by this White House in ways never seen by our nation. The silent acceptance of these irregularities by a partisan legislature cannot be explained.

Are we as citizens satisfied with the progression of events within our government? Are we prepared to accept four more years of "governing" from a president who never fails to disappoint and embarrass the office he holds every day? Are we willing to accept this ongoing, stealth-like change in our democracy and the rule of law? We as citizens need to examine honestly within our heart of hearts to answer these questions. The values of America and the essence of our democracy is at stake.

As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, let us not take those lives sacrificed for the ideals of freedom and democracy for granted. Our duty to protect their sacrifice has never been so crucial.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia A. Schroeder


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Gary D

Patricia... Please tell me how many times the Courts ruled that Obama had broken the Constitution ... Please read the article from the CATO Institute "Top 10 Ways Obama Violated the Constitution during His Presidency". Read in there about the LAWLESSNESS of obama.... But then again as a liberal you are blind to all of that.

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