There are still lots of people here in Vermont not wearing masks. Refusing to cover your face and protect yourself and others from the virus is not only irresponsible, it is a violation of other people's safety. Now, some areas in Vermont are requiring masks be worn in public and in stores.

I believe it is self-destructive and a crime against others to refuse to wear a mask in stores and in public. In a way, it is unconscious suicide and assaultive behavior. If a person is depressed and unhappy and does not care whether they live or die or care about others, they are the perfect person to go without a mask. Think about that!

Thomas W. King


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Thomas I agree with you. Wearing a mask should be mandatory especially for the out of staters who are flocking here from hot spots.


A crime? You two are idiots. Did you wear a mask a month ago? Or did you only wear one when told my to. If they said suck a co&K would you? Now we find out Corvid doesn't spread on surfaces. If you don't like me not wearing a mask then stay your 6 feet from me and shut up.


I have noticed it's mostly guys but guys and gals of a lower social economic level. Hate to stereotype but it is what it is. Also known as Trump voters. If Trump would set the example you would notice more of them with masks. Of course we know that's not going happen. Heaven forbid he should set the example. As a person that spent many years in management I always thought my main duty was the always set the example.


@bhill Right, because guidelines issued by experts about minimizing the spread of a highly contagious disease with no current vaccine should be treated with the same level of seriousness as the question in your post[rolleyes] However, if your post was meant to bolster Thesaxman's argument, then good work.

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