When was the last time you thought about "Indian?" When you thought about what you wanted for dinner last night? Oh, wrong Indian. For me, it's the misogynistic (think squaw) stereotype.

So if someone conflates "arrowhead" and Indian, that's bad? Really, the arrowhead is insulting to Indians? The "tool" that every prehistoric man used to survive and that all Boy Scouts lust to find every time they go on a hike, that is a degrading mascot?

Yes, of course, we should listen to children (whose brains, scientifically speaking, aren't fully developed) who never lived on a reservation, danced the ghost dance, nor applied war paint, to explain what is insulting to Indians. And can we no longer enjoy a "red" rose? Will it now be an "Indian" rose? Can't use "red" lipstick; now it will be "Indian" lipstick.

Are these the momentous issues with which our "esteemed" school board must struggle? Whatever the school board does, please don't think about the "fact" that our city math and literacy scores are below the state performance standards. The phrase that stands out on most ELA reports is, "Does Not Meet State Standard." Take pride in the fact that Vermont contributes to America's math ranking right behind Lithuania and Slovakia.

Let's concentrate on flags and mascots while our children's minds atrophy. If they atrophy enough, they will qualify to be future school board members or candidates for aldermen. Puck was right, "What fools these mortals be."

F. Adams


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