The contradictions are nothing short of astonishing. The same contingent who can — without any apparent difficulty — simultaneously oppose both birth control and abortion; who are outraged at the suggestion of institutional racism while actively working to disenfranchise millions of Black voters; and who have championed “White Replacement Theory” are quick to deny complicity in a series of savage, racially motivated mass murders, including most recently at a TOPS supermarket in Buffalo, New York, and a school in Texas.

Steeped in the mythology of “American Exceptionalism,” such denials fail the smell test like so many other attempts to obliterate the country’s racist history beginning with our invasion and occupation of the landmass, inexorably beginning a westward creep, subjecting its inhabitants to murder, torture and apartheid. Indigenous Americans, as well as enslaved Africans, bore the brunt of our “Manifest Destiny,” the notion that “God” willed the United States to expand its dominion, spreading democracy and capitalism across the entire continent.

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