I was shocked to hear from Debra Bucknam on July 20 on your editorial pages, that the “Emperor has no clothes;” but it was even more shocking to learn from her commentary, that she was the one running around naked.

I looked carefully in her commentary to find some scrap of sense to cover her claim that, in Vermont, there is no racism and that “elites” had manufactured its existence as a myth to justify wasting money to fund a state position to counter its ill effects. Alas, there were none. The “elites” who seemed to oppress her turned out to be the elected majority of the state Legislature, not some group of the top 1% foisting dogma on the oppressed by foul means.

Worse, lack of evidence of racism is belied by the president of the party, who basks in contentment while a substantial crowd of his supporters, fearful of the passion of a black congresswoman for equality, chant “send her back” to the country of her ancestors.

I have some compassion that Bucknam is suffering from a political dementia that has so oppressed her she is unable to think (or write) coherently. Still, it is upsetting to see a mind so totally unclothed. Perhaps the healing could begin if she is able to obtain a prescription that calms her inability to look at the facts that lead to the Legislature’s action. If so, she could cover her frequent naked screeds with some convincing shreds of clothing. It is a cure to be wished for.

Kimberly B. Cheney lives in Montpelier.

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