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Dr. Sarah Wylie, ND

Through my work as a therapist and through my life as someone committed to natural treatments as a first step to health, I have gotten to know many powerful healers in Vermont and around the country. One who has influenced both my life and my work is Dr. Sarah Wylie of Red Blossom Medicine, LLC. Dr. Wylie helped me to heal my cervical dysplasia naturally when a surgical procedure was recommended by mainstream doctors. She treated me and helped me to find balance after my first pregnancy, and to make it through my second pregnancy with very little discomfort. Dr. Wylie also acted as my doula recently, giving me amazing support and encouragement that led to an injury-free birth in less than three hours.

1. What services do you offer in your practice?

Naturopathic medicine, holistic pelvic care, Arvigo techniques of maya abdominal therapy, naturopathic manipulative therapies.

I support people in the process of bringing pain and suffering into the light for transformation, then use botanicals, nutrition and stress-releasing exercise recommendations to support the unwinding of pain. My particular niche is helping women release stored energy (illness) from their uterus in order to enjoy more creativity and the state of giving through being centered in herself. But I can also behave like a typical naturopath, and give people treatment plans for all kinds of health-care conditions. I listen carefully, then ask myself, “What would I do for myself if this were my problem?”

2. How did you become interested in the work you do?

In my 20s I was interested in becoming a midwife, but I also was dealing with my own health problems — trying to avoid cervical cancer with a really advanced stage of cervical dysplasia. I could not find anyone with enough science or credentialing to help me understand the disease and the treatment plan in the natural-medicine community, nor anyone in the medical community who would treat me like a human being and be willing to work with me to a surgical solution in stages. I was able to navigate this terrain uninhabited by any health-care professional, and once successful, I wanted to become the doctor I was seeking. I apprenticed to three midwives and went to naturopathic school, and studied extensively with chiropractor Dr. Rosita Arvigo, who taught me how to weave these seemingly opposed communities of medicine together with physical medicine.

3. What are the health benefits of your work?

By removing the obstacles to the life force of the body (increased blood flow, nerve conduction and removal of wastes), the body can heal itself. After seeing what the body can do after physical-medicine therapies, I use the other supportive therapies I have learned from naturopathic school.

4. Can you share any client success stories?

Just this morning, at 6 a.m., I received this text from a patient who was finally able to bring herself to the surgeon yesterday to remove fibroids that were a major limitation for her dreams and daily living. “My womb is very grateful to be unburdened! You have been my saving grace through this and have helped me so much with this process. I have found your care impeccable. I am so grateful that I found you! I highly recommend you and the beautiful services that you provide! I just wish that I had found you sooner! ;)”

5. What do you love about Vermont and our community?

Vermont is nature-infused, and many people who live here are nourishing themselves already with the dynamic vistas and time outdoors. People here are accustomed to the erratic nature of nature! I believe people who live with nature are more in tune with the patterns of earth’s rhythms, thus have a context for spiritual development that is integrated with life on earth.

To find out more about Dr. Wylie or to schedule an appointment, visit http://redblossommedicine.com.

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