I’m always amazed at the yoga and healing businesses that pop up in our area. After having a very healing experience at a crystal attunement sound journey workshop, I asked owner Grace Pratt, 500 RYT, herbalist, and sound healing practitioner & instructor to share more about her life, skill, and experiences. Grace recently opened Sol Luna Farm, a holistic yoga, sound healing and herbal center in Shrewsbury.

How did you first become interested in herbal medicine or healing arts?

My grandfather first brought my attention to healing plants. I remember once when he was visiting, that he went outside and began eating the weeds from our backyard. I thought he had lost his mind! But then he explained to me that dandelions were known for their healing effect and that he ate them each year as a spring tonic. This fascinated me, and realizing he had a captive audience, he told me of other wild plants that could be used for healing as well. Just as a side note: he did live to be well into his 90s in great health and spirits. From this I gained an interest in plants as medicine, and as a young teenager began reading books on the subject. When I was offered a job at a local herbal apothecary, I was told that part of my job was to listen and learn as much as I could from the herbalist-owner as she worked with clients, so that I would have some knowledge while minding the store. How perfect!

What is sound healing?

From the smallest electrons moving around a nucleus of an atom to the planets revolving around the stars, science and physics tell us that the entire universe and everything in it is in a state of vibration. And sound is vibration. So we are all in a state of vibration at every level of our being, including sound our human ears can both hear and not hear. Every cell of our body vibrates and everything has its optimal frequency. Optimal frequency is when we are in balance. When in balance, our energy bodies, our organs and individual cells, all vibrate harmoniously at their healthiest frequencies.

Sound healing is one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing known to man, with a diversity of “instruments” used. In my experience, I have found that quartz crystal singing bowls produce profound harmonic vibration and resonant frequencies that help restore our physical and energy body frequencies to a balanced state of homeostasis.

Crystal attunement is an experience of sound and vibration that transports participants to a place of deep relaxation and inner peace, creating an opportunity for healing. There are many benefits of sound healing, and each individual will experience differing benefits from each session dependent upon their own inner energy and their “needs” (or what is in need of re-attunement) at the time.

What types of yoga do you teach?

I teach a mindful, meditative and spirit-filled yoga, with headings like gentle and restorative, which offer a slower pace and allow the student the time and space for turning inward and tapping into their own inner knowledge. In short, I teach a yoga practice that is steeped in the ancient traditions of yoga, one based in love, seeking inner wisdom and peace, which aids in restoring the body, mind and spirit collectively. I incorporate crystal singing bowls at the end of each class for the added benefit of sound healing.

What has your experience been using and making flower essences?

I adore creating flower essences. I can’t help falling in love with each flower as I discover their unique qualities and study them. Like humans, flowers have their own energetic signatures, distinct personalities and attributes. I feel that creating flower essences must be done with the utmost respect, care and sensitivity.

It wasn’t long after I started exploring flower essences that I discovered that combining my knowledge of sound & vibrational energy was very beneficial to their creation. I’ve discovered that utilizing clear crystal singing bowls (normally used for sound healing) as the vessel for the spring water and the flowers, and then playing the bowl, there is a significant new power to the resulting essence. The flower and spring water become simultaneously charged by the vibrational energy from the crystal singing bowl, and the flower’s energetic blueprint merges much more completely into the spring water. The water and flower signature are fused in a way that I’ve found to be far more energetically potent.

When this vibrational essence is activated and infused into a flower remedy, this enhanced energetic signature supports adjustment of corresponding human emotions that are out of sync or unbalanced. I find myself in constant awe of the power of Mother Nature’s ability to heal us, as I continually learn from her and find the keys to unlocking her magic.

Grace has so much to share and this is only a small snippet of the interview. For more information about Grace and Sol Luna Farm, please visit www.sollunafarm.com.

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