There are so many amazing people working in the field of natural health in our region, and Christina Cunningham is one of them. Her business, Chrysalis Healing Arts, LLC, offers bodywork and wellness coaching and has just launched a new program called Sacred Self-Care, based on the daily habits of Ayurveda.

What services do you offer through your business?

Body ease therapeutic massage: Suited for pain patterns & body tension. Learn your patterns, release the stuck stress and be comfortable in your body again.

Being alive relaxation-based massage: Best suited for feelings of burnout, fatigue & disconnection. This treatment can relieve muscle pain, increase body awareness and bring equilibrium to life in overwhelm.

Bioenergetic-shen treatment: Best for those who are ready to win over the anxiety and fear that cause daily suffering, become aware of personal energy potential & how to use creativity to realize personal aspirations.

Sacred Self-Care: Suited for over-thinkers, life transitions & the deeply fatigued. A year-long healing journey to embody the habits of embodiment, tranquility & ease.

What more can you share about your new program Sacred Self-Care?

Sacred Self-Care is a journey of self-discovery that teaches how to nourish our bodies and cultivate resiliency, tenacity, and sensitivity. Within the program, we embrace our essential nature to realign ourselves with the cycles of the day, the seasons of the year and our own life transitions. We cultivate a consistent experience of flow with creativity, energy and ease so we can to contribute our unique gift to self, family, community and Mother Earth. Sacred Self-Care is a return to our most authentic selves.

What are the health benefits of Sacred Self-Care?

The potential benefits are:

Dependable & sustainable energy

A clear & focused mind

A stable and joyful mood

Direct access to your creativity

Robust digestion

A flexible body

Your ideal weight without effort

A responsive immune system

The ability to be resilient in the face of stress

A tenacious attitude towards challenges

The sensitivity to be in communication with your own needs

Can you share some client success stories?

“The Sacred-Self Care program has had a profound impact on my life and being able to change deeply rooted habits that no longer serve me. I have tried detox programs, cleanses, fad diets and trendy exercise programs in hopes of changing who I am, only to return to my regular habits and patterns. The Sacred-self Care program focuses on adopting habits that support me in who I wish to become, rather than operating from the context of needing to change who I am. The habits will continue to serve me at any age and stage of life.”

— Megan F., age 43

“One of the most profound changes in my life is that I now am able to have a good night’s sleep, and I am confident that as I delve further into automating the 10 body-thrive habits that the quality of my sleep will continue to improve. My energy level throughout the day is also greatly improved, and certainly my overall well-being. This program has provided me a framework for self-care that, for the first time in my life, I actually have total confidence in. I can honestly say that deep down inside I had no confidence that I would ever be able to change the trajectory of my life. While, over many years, I have invested a great deal of energy in gathering information from many modalities in a quest to bring vibrant health into my life with no success.”

—Jill C., age 63

What do you love about the Rutland community?

The spirit of the people: courageous, resilient and pioneering.

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