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A bouquet of flowers is not often thought of as healing, but most of us can recognize how a vase full of blooming beauties can brighten your day, shift your mood, and transform a physical space. Besides an actual bouquet, we can access the healing power of flowers through their essential oils via aromatherapy and also through the use of flower essences.

Flower essences, or flower remedies, are infusions made from the flowering part of a plant. The flowers themselves are picked and steeped in water in the sun, or boiled. What is captured in the water is the energy imprint of the flower. Say what?

Unlike herbal tea or essential oil, a flower essence contains no physical parts of the flower. Instead, it holds that individual flower’s healing vibration. I know, this sounds a little out there. But stay with me.

Everything is energy, as Einstein more or less lays out in his famous E=mc² equation. We are energetic beings, and so are flowers. So, when the flower’s energetic imprint is captured and then shared with a human, there is the possibility of a very healing resonance to take place. In other words, the vibration of a particular flower essence may be just what you need to overcome the vibration of fear, or guilt, or shame.

After flowers are steeped in the sun, the blossoms are removed and the water is then mixed with a preservative like brandy or vinegar. This solution is then taken by dropping one or two drops under your tongue, or in a glass of water.

Although you may be thinking, “How could one drop possibly make a difference in how I feel?” I can tell you from my own experience that flower essences are amazingly powerful. I have taken flower essences that help me to see the bigger picture and allow me to forgive myself and others more easily. I have taken flower essences that have elicited an emotional outpouring that is long overdue. And I have taken flower essences when I feel fatigued and noticed a huge shift in my energy level within seconds.

There are healing practitioners who work with flower essences, but you can also just try them yourself, with education and research for your safety, as though the majority will not hurt you, some may have harmful effects. If you feel called to a particular flower or plant, try searching online to find out more about that flower remedy. For example, Honeysuckle flower essence encourages one to live in the present rather than the past. There are thousands and thousands of different types of flowers, from trees, cacti, vegetables, shrubs, orchids, and more, and so there are as many flower essences as there are plants. Use your intuition to guide you when choosing flower essences. We know more than we think we do when it comes to what we need for healing.

One combination of flower essences that is more commonly known is Rescue Remedy, a solution made by Bach Flower Essences to help people face daily stresses or emergency situations with a calm mind and body. Rescue Remedy, or individual flower essences from the Bach company, are a good starting point.

Flower essences are commonly used for anxiety, depression, anger, fear, resentment, grief, impatience, lack of confidence, jealousy, envy, hatred, and many other emotional problems. Scientific studies show time and again that physical pain may very likely come not only from a physical trauma, but from emotional pain and stress as well. Flower essences affect mind, body and soul.

If you are hurting, physically, emotionally, or both, consider flower essences as a safe alternative to the pharmaceutical options that are so often promoted. If nothing else, a bouquet of fresh flowers from the farmers market might be just what is needed to lift your spirits and bring the healing power of flowers into your life.

Lindsay Courcelle, CMT is a myofascial release therapist, part-time vegetable farmer, and natural health advocate. Email her at



Lindsay Courcelle

Lindsay Courcelle, CMT is a Myofascial Release therapist, part-time vegetable farmer, and natural health advocate.

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