An artist residency at 77 Gallery on Grove Street that started in 2018 will return this year and bring artists into the city.

Bianca Zanella, who works with many of the art galleries in Rutland, explained the 2019 plans at last Thursday’s Project VISION meeting.

In August, six artists and a collaborative team worked from the gallery, creating art, teaching classes and interacting with Rutland residents. Volunteers brought lunch for the artists, including French-born painter Debo Mouloudji, every day during the month-long residency, giving them a chance to meet a variety of Vermonters.

Zanella, who called the first residency “super-successful,” said this year there will be three one-month residencies to strengthen the local arts community.

“One of our goals at the downtown galleries and 77 Gallery specifically is, we want to bring more people here,” Zanella said.

In 2019, one-month residencies, similar to the residency in 2018, are planned for June, August and October.

A two-month work exchange fellowship is being added this year. Those artists will have access to the 77 Gallery facilities but will be more involved.

“They will also help staff the gallery and put on events and workshops as part of their exchange. They can come and have a studio space to create art in, put on events for the community and bring an outside perspective into Rutland,” Zanella said.

The other new addition will be week-long micro-residencies, which are expected to attract other types of artists, such as performance artists, writers and video artists.

“The idea is they’ll come into 77 Gallery to spark joy into people’s lives on a more intense basis,” she said.

Zanella told the attendees at Project VISION that another exhibition was coming soon.

Curated by Mouloudji, the show will run from Jan. 26 through March 8.

Zanella said Mouloudji “just fell in love with Rutland like all of us here today” and wanted to come back to curate a show that will include her work and other local artists, such as Whitney Ramage.

Another new show, planned for the Alley Gallery on Center Street, will be curated by Stephen Schaub.

A new curator, Ali Wallis, will take over at the Alley Gallery in April, but the new show, “Rutland: Real and Imagined,” will run sooner, from Jan. 31 through March 9.

Zanella said Schaub asked artists “how they perceived Rutland.”

“The artists just ran with it. Some people are doing sculptural interpretations of how they understand Rutland to be. Stephen is doing a large installation in the back gallery. People have painted about Rutland and photographed Rutland and really taken it to different levels of understanding about what community can be,” she said.

The deadline for applying for the 2019 residencies is March 1. Information about applying can be found online at


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