KILLINGTON — Locals will be telling their personal stories on the internet in an effort to draw new visitors, residents and maybe even a few entrepreneurs to the area.

It’s all part of a new podcast series spearheaded by the Killington Pico Area Association, the area’s chamber of commerce, according to Executive Director Michael Coppinger.

Coppinger said Nov. 16 was the soft-debut of “Life at 4241: Living in the Killington Valley,” which can be found at

He said it’s being hosted on another website rather than the association’s for the time being, but may move. The podcast’s name is a reference to the town’s elevation above sea-level.

“The podcasts are dedicated to the lifestyle and events that make this region special,” he said recently.

The episode that’s been posted consists of three 10-minute interviews with locals from different backgrounds. One is with Summer Reed, a young person who works at Base Camp Outfitters. Another is with Teresa Hutt, a software engineer who works remotely, and Stephen Nisimblat, who is on the Killington Recreation Committee and for the past 14 years has owned The Greenbrier Inn and Gift Shop, located at 2057 Route 4.

Nisimblat said the association was looking for people who’d come to Killington, run a business and put children through the local school system. Nisimblat said he’s got two children in school — a seventh-grader and a high school freshman.

Nisimblat said he and his wife used to live in New York City and came to Killington often around weekends and holidays. His wife’s family owned the Greenbrier Inn and Gift Shop and sold it to the Nisimblats.

“It was sort of a leap of faith,” he said.

He hopes the podcast series will show other folks like himself what Killington has to offer.

Coppinger said that even if the podcasts don’t end up having much impact, it’s not as if they’re costly or time consuming to produce. He said he already owned most of the equipment that was needed, the rest was finding a bit of time and some people willing to talk.

Coppinger said the podcasts are aimed at two groups — one is the visitors and day-trippers — but the people he’s really hoping to draw are those similar to Nisimblat, people from out of state who like the area and want to build a life there.

He said he’d like the next episode of "Life at 4241" to feature the folks behind the scenes at the World Cup event that was held recently at Killington Resort. The world-class women’s ski event drew 39,000 people, a big increase over what the resort would normally see on any big holiday weekend. The event has been held at Killington for the past three years and has been steadily drawing larger crowds.

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