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Event Submission Guidelines

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Before you start

You must be a logged in user. You are not required to purchase a subscription to be a user.

Step 1: Log in

From any page on our website, log in with your username and password.

Once logged in, navigate to your user dashboard, click Calendar Events, click on ‘Create an Event’


Step 2: Complete the 'Create an Event' page

Complete the required fields for your event: Title, website, cost, description, flags, event photo (not required but suggested for feature publication), venue, date, time and event contact information

You may also select other metadata fields. Then click the Check In button.


Step 3: Event content

Once the editing window opens, enter the details of your event.

Teaser: The teaser is the first paragraph displayed in the description. It should be a short one-liner. This is the text to appear in print along with the following default set of information title, cost, date, time, venue, website and contact information.

The other fields: location, cost etc, are self-explanatory.

Contact information provided on the Create an Event will appear on the website and in print. If we need to contact you for questions regarding submission we will do so by emailing your user email address.

Please note: All events are published are considered open to the public.

Click Submit when finished.


Step 4: Workflow

Once your event has been submitted it will then go into our workflow to be reviewed for approval. Upon the successful completion of our workflow, your event will then appear in the events calendar online and subsequent days in print on a space available basis up to the date of the event.


Title: This is the title of the event. Ex. Open Mic: The Hippy Hippy Shake

Teaser: The teaser is the first paragraph of the event description. A one-sentence summary of the event is best. This will appear in print along with your title, cost, date, time, venue, website and contact information.

Description: This can be a longer description of the event including perhaps a synopsis of the event. Please limit your content to 500 words or less.

Website: The direct website URL for the event. Ex.

Flags: Helpful search terms for people to find the event. The choices are as follows. Family friendly. For kids. For teens. Seniors. Accessible. 18 and over. 21 and over. All ages. Invitation only. RSVP required. Budget. Date night.

Photo: An image promoting the event. Including a photo is helpful for our editors to choose feature content in print. If you have additional images and/or videos you'd like to include please email them to

Start Date: The date and time the event starts.

End Date: The date and time the event ends. Note, the first start time you enter will set the default end time 2 hours after the start. You must reset this if you revise your start time. If this is an all date event check the box next to 'All day event.'

Occurs: If the event happens more than once set the reoccurrence. Ex. Weekly

Location: The location in which the event is being held.

Cost: Is there a cost associated with attending this event? If so, how much? If it is free, check the box next to free

Contact Name: Primary contact person for this event. This is public.

Contact Email: A contact email. This is public

Contact Phone: A contact phone number using the format of 000-000-0000. This is public.