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Paid Political Endorsement

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The last day to print a paid endorsement prior to an election day is Friday prior to an election. Deadline for submission is two days prior to run date at 4:30 p.m.

Welcome to the Rutland Herald Endorsement Submission Page.

Effective July 1, 2020, we established a policy where we will no longer publish candidate endorsements or political announcements for free. Click to review the Policy on Politics.

Your endorsement is important to the candidate you are supporting. The rate is based on word count. Tiered rates are as follows: 50 words or less, $15; 51-175 words, $50; 176-300 words, $75. (No endorsement should be more than 300 words.)

Endorsements that are unsigned, libelous, in poor taste, or incomprehensible will not be accepted. Here are a few tips: The headline should state who you are supporting (ie: Supporting John Doe; or Endorsing Jane Doe). The endorsement itself should be your reason/reasons for your support.

It's that easy. To submit your Endorsement, fill out the following form and click the Submit button.

REMINDER — Under no circumstances will any election-related letter, paid political advertisement or endorsement be published after the Friday immediately prior to an election.