As temperatures climbed into the 80s Thursday, they were much hotter in the live-burn structure at the Vermont Fire Academy in Pittsford. Seen here, Lt. Scott Mangan, left, and other members of the Rutland City Fire Department prepare to shed their turnout gear and cool off from the 800-degr…

Halona Burrier, recent Rutland High School graduate, decorates an arbor on Thursday afternoon ahead of the school theater’s performance of “The Music Man” at Paramount Theatre. Burrier will play Maud Dunlop, and the last performance will be at 7 p.m. today.

A damselfly lands on a leaf at the West Rutland marsh Tuesday afternoon. Damselflies are different than dragonflies because they fold their wings together when stationary.

A large T-rex sculpture, seen here Monday afternoon is the newest addition to the metal art outside of Mac Steel in Rutland. The piece was built by Hampton, N.Y.-based artist Steve Mestyan and installed June 11. “I wanted something strong and powerful,” he said. “Like steel is.”