Former Castleton University shortstop and College of St. Joseph baseball coach Cam Curler has made a move. It takes him from being a volunteer assistant coach at Dartmouth College to a paid assistant coach on the Iona College baseball staff.

“It’s a whole new staff,” Curler said on Thursday after being at work at Iona for the past couple of weeks.

New Iona head coach Conor Burke and Curler had worked together at Dartmouth.

Curler was the team MVP and captain his senior season at Castleton where he earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a minor in coaching.

He was an assistant for Rutland’s College of St. Joseph under Bob Godlewski when the Fighting Saints won back-to-back national championships (United States Collegiate Athletic Association) in 2016 and 2017.

Curler’s wife Kelly is in an accelerated program at Vermont Law School in South Royalton where the first year requires staying on campus so she will remain behind. Curler is looking to live in New Canaan, Connecticut, about a half-hour from the campus in New Rochelle, New York.

A big difference from his previous job at Dartmouth is that Iona is a scholarship program.

“I am looking forward to recruiting for a scholarship program and learning something new,” Curler said.

The season will begin with three games against Old Dominion in Virginia followed by three games against Tennessee in February.

“We’ve got six tough games to start with,” Curler said.

He loves his new campus.

“It is sort of in between Castleton and Dartmouth with about 3,000 undergraduate students. It has that small campus feel but when you walk out of the athletic center, you are about 100 yards from a nice little downtown strip,” Curler said.

Rick Pitino is Iona’s basketball coach so Curler acknowledges that “basketball is the big dog on campus.”

He and Burke and will be doing what they can to build a program that will also create a buzz around New Rochelle in the springtime.


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Only a matter of time before Cam has his own D1 program

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