Johnny Scarborough celebrates in victory lane during the 2018 race season in central Pennsylvania.

Bomoseen’s John Scarborough has plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

It wasn’t that long ago it looked as though his stock car racing career was as dead as the turkey on your table. He was banned at some tracks in the area for behavior he insists was blown out of proportion.

But there is no debate about what he has been able to accomplish far from home. He has been a heavy hitter on the Pennsylvania stock car racing scene.

He tied Bill Newlin, of Millerstown, Pennsylvania, for the No. 1 spot in the PASS/IMCA Series at Baps Motor Speedway in Newberrytown, Pennsylvania. They finished with 1,250 points but Newlin won the track title on the tiebreaker having won one more feature race than Scarborough.

Scarborough and his wife Robyn logged 21,000 travel miles over the season commuting from Vermont to Pennsylvania to get in 28 races.

He made it count with five feature wins, 10 top-five finishes and 18 top-10 finishes. He also won 14 qualifying heat races. He finished third on the Penn Sprint Series Tour.

It was the 33rd season of racing for the 48-year-old Scarborough. He sees himself possibly getting out from behind the wheel once he completes his 35th season, by which time he’d like to accomplish some goals including 700 career starts and 100 wins.

“I’d be OK with that,” he said.

And then? He would like to stay in the racing game in some capacity, perhaps working at a track.

“That would be something I could do down the road,” Scarborough said.

He plans to scale back a bit in 2019 from the 28 races he ran in the Keystone State last year.

The racing will still be done in Pennsylvania but Scarborough said the plan is to focus on 18 to 20 races and compete at only the bigger tracks.

It was a rewarding summer that saw John and Robyn covering new ground and experiencing new things.

“We visited four new race tracks, ones we had never raced at before,” he said.

He will be well decorated the night of Dec. 1 when he attends the awards banquet at the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Then, he will be traveling down to the area for another awards affair in January.

There was a night in the pits a few years ago at Devil’s Bowl Speedway when he said he thought that would be his final year of racing.

But the Pennsylvania scene has pumped him back up and sometimes when he talks about getting out after two more years, one can’t be sure they believe him.

You might even see him eliminate the long weekend commute by calling Pennsylvania home someday.

“I would love to have my area code 717,” Scarborough said of the telephone exchange for Harrisburg.


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